Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts (That Anyone Can Make)

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If you’re like me, you assumed that this year you’d be more organised for Christmas. Nope.

Whether you’ve left things too late, run out of cash or simply want a crafty Christmas this year, I’ve scoured the net for DIY’s that are actually easy and mostly consist of items you can pick up at the supermarket or Kmart (who doesn’t love a late night shopping sesh!)

For the young (or young at heart)

1. Pom Pom Snowballs

SNOWBALL FIGHT! In Australia, this is the closest you’re gonna get, and they’re safe to use inside.



2. Blanket Fort Kit

Enough said.



Food Gifts

3. Gingerbread House Kit

Yes you can buy these ready-made from the shops, but this way you can add in your favourite sweets or get as fancy as you like with decorations.



4. Cookie Dough Ready For The Oven

Give the gift of a house smelling of fresh baked cookies… with none of the mess.



5. This Homemade Hot Chocolate Kit or This One

Your recipient will be thinking of you every time they relax with this thoughtful hot drink.



6. Quickbread in a bottle or Brownie Mix in a bottle

This tutorial can be adapted to any of your favourite recipes.



7. Tea Bag Wreath

For the real tea lover.



Around the Home

8. Etched Cutting Boards

These may be a little more difficult, but so worth it.



9. Chalkboard Cheese Stone Board

Your recipient will wonder which expensive boutique you got their gift from.



10. Terrarium Kit

You don’t need a green thumb to put these together.



11. DIY Polaroid Coasters

For the Selfie King or Queen.



12. Kitchen iPad stand

For the Foodie.



13. And SO MANY iPad Cases!

Try this leather one.



Are you having a DIY Christmas? Please share your stories!

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