What’s the plan after high school?

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So, are you going to study at uni? TAFE? Full time job? Gap year? Induced 12 month coma so you don’t need to deal with any of it?

Maybe you just don’t have a plan? Well I was the complete opposite, in my last two years of highschool I bounced from wanting to be a lawyer, fashion designer, journalist to ‘something psychology related’. I ended up in none of those fields. By the time we had to submit our course preferences for uni, I just picked courses that matched up to my highest graded subject.
I remember sitting with friends as we found out which courses we’d been accepted into, I remember their excitement at receiving their offers while i feigned interest in mine (sorry mum!), even though I’d been offered my first preference. Psychology. Woo.
Well needless to say I didn’t last very long. My first year out of highschool was a schamozzle of events. I started uni (yay!), dropped out a month later (boo!), got engaged (yay!) and started a beauty therapy course (huh?).
Finally my lightbulb moment came after I finished my ‘Spa-Year’ and decided to start my own business as a beauty therapist, I was more excited about designing my own business cards than any of my other endeavours.
So, a design diploma, a dodgy internship at a printer’s and an awesome internship at a gallery later, I would call myself a Graphic Designer. Phew!

If I could go back to study design from the beginning would I? Nope, when I was 18 I wasn’t ready. My experiences have allowed me to meet great people and learn more about myself and what is and isn’t important. It’s cliché I know, but true!

So, what’s your plan after high school?
If you’ve finished high school did your plans work out?

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